Power tools deserve care and love because some come at a high price and there is no better way to treat your power tool with a steady and reliable supply of power. From your cordless table saws, drills, miter saw, compound miter saw to circular saws a reliable 18 Volt battery can feed your cordless tool for years. And the DEWALT 18 Volt battery can feed your cordless tool with enough and reliable power for taking care of your jobs for longer.

One of the best things about the DEWALT 18 Volt batteries is how lightweight they are. Honestly, for a long-lasting battery pack, you would expect an extra weight to your power tool; however, that is not the case with 18V DEWALT batteries. For this post, we look at the various DEWALT 18V batteries and see what they offer to cordless power tools.

DEWALT DC9096-2 18V,XRP, Combo Pack Battery

The DEWALT DC9096-2 features 2 high capacity XRP batteries that are designed to deliver 25% more run-time than the standard NiCAD batteries. It is designed to deliver consistent and adaptable performance to keep all your DEWALT 18V cordless tools running efficiently.

If you are looking for a battery that is dependable to power your cordless power tools, the DEWALT DC9096-2 18V is the ideal choice. Moreover, it comes at a reasonable price.

DEWALT DCB182 18V XR Slide 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

The DEWALT DCB182 18V XR 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery pack is designed to provide excellent electrical power to all compatible DEWALT XR Li-Ion 18V cordless tools. It delivers extended runtime with optimized power for the completion of tasks.

It comes with a lightweight design that allows the user to work with an upgraded 4.0Ah power minus necessarily increasing the weight or size of the tool. With no memory effect and nearly no self-discharge, the battery pack ensures maximum productivity for less downtime. It comes with an LED “State of Charge” Indicator that helps in managing charging of the battery.

DEWALT DCB184 18V 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion XR Slide Battery

The DEWALT DCB184 18V 5Ah XR is a new Lithium-Ion battery pack that delivers up to 66% more runtime than any standard 3.0Ah battery pack. It is designed with the LED State of Charge Indicator that helps you keep tabs on the charging progress.

It comes with a lightweight design that adds no significant weight to your power tool thereby giving you longer working hours without a strain on your hands. More power and battery life with no weight gain!

It delivers an excellent run-time especially when your DEWALT tool is designed with a brushless motor. No memory effect and nearly no self-discharge for optimum productivity as well as less downtime. It features protection against overload, overheats and deep discharge conditions for increased battery life.

DEWALT DCB183 18V XR Slide 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

The DEWALT DCB183 18V is a battery pack designed to deliver an extended run-time and maximized power for completion of heavy-duty projects that require prolonged working time. It is lightweight so it won’t add any extra weight to your power tool allowing you to work longer without straining your arm.

It comes with a state of charge indicator that assists in managing the battery charging so that it won’t overcharge. The no memory effect and virtually no- self-discharge ensure maximum productivity.

With the battery being compatible with all the DEWALT XR Li-Ion 18 Volt tools, you will have a versatile battery pack with you. It comes with a 3 – year warranty meaning that you have all the benefits that are attached to the warranty.

Ways to Get the Most Out of Your DEWALT Battery

The significance of maintaining your DEWALT 18Volt battery cannot be overemphasized. Without a battery, your cordless power tool will not work. It is on these circumstances that we have taken it upon ourselves to look at how you can get the most out of your DEWALT 18V battery with the following handy tips. By following these tips, you will be ensuring that your battery performs to the optimum effect for a sustained period.

  • Ensure Your DEWALT Battery is Well-Charged

There is a common belief that when it comes to batteries that it should discharge completely before charging. However, this is not the case with DEWALT 18V batteries. Discharging it completely may cause lasting damage to the battery. Therefore, it is advisable to stop using your battery once you feel a substantial decrease in power from your tool. Ensure that when charging, it is done to 100%.

  • Improve Your DEWALT Battery’s Run-time

In case there is no permanent damage to your DEWALT battery, there are ways that you can improve its run-time. Here are ways to follow:

  • Run down the battery under normal use. Take out the battery once you feel a loss of power from your tool. Never tape the trigger ON.
  • Allow the battery to sit out of the charger for some time until it is at room temperature.
  • Connect the battery to the charger overnight to enable it to charge to the fullest on each cell at room temperature.

If this strategy doesn’t lead to a difference in your batteries run-time, consider replacing your battery.

  • Pay Attention to the Temperature

Working in the open can have a major effect on your DEWALT battery depending on the temperature. If your battery is too hot 40 degrees and higher or too cold below 4 degrees, it won’t take a full charge.

If you go ahead to charge it outside the 4 – 40 degrees range, it can result in a permanent loss of run-time. Essentially, when batteries are charged and discharged, a chemical reaction takes place and if it is too hot or cold, the chemical reaction is disturbed thereby causing a loss of run-time.

  • Take Care of Your battery When Travelling

When it comes to traveling, batteries can cause fires especially if the battery terminals come into contact with conductive materials such as coins, hand tools and keys. It is important to avoid this by ensuring the terminals of your battery are kept well insulated from conductive materials such as those we have mentioned above.

When you take care of your DEWALT 18 Volt battery, it will, in turn, take care of your work. It doesn’t matter whether it is the Lithium-Ion, Flexvolt battery or another great selection from DEWALT, you can be sure to reap the rewards.

Lithium-Ion or NiCad

The DEWALT 18 Volt batteries can come in either Lithium-Ion or NiCad. Whereas NiCad batteries have been in the market for years now, Lithium-Ion battery technology is a newcomer.

Lithium-Ion batteries come smaller in size and require minimum maintenance. Moreover, they are environmentally safer than NiCad batteries. Although these types of batteries have some similarities, they, however, differ in chemical composition, application, environmental impact, and the costs.

Why Battery is Perfect for Your Cordless Power Tool?

This will largely depend on the kind of tasks you will be handling and your budget. Lithium-Ion batteries are smaller and lighter compared to a NiCad battery. The Lithium-Ion type comes twice or thrice the cost of NiCad. However, the Lithium-Ion battery has virtually no self-discharge hence can sit in the store for several days without losing charge.

If you are looking for the DEWALT 18 Volt battery that requires low maintenance, provides more voltage and tolerant to a wider range of temperatures, the DEWALT 18Volt Lithium-Ion battery can be the right pick.

Things to Consider When Buying Cordless Tools Battery

When shopping for a battery for your cordless tools, it is important to make the right choice of battery that will serve your needs effectively. The following features will help you make an informed buying:

  • The Cost of the Battery

What is your budget? This is what will mainly determine the kind of battery you will buy. A good DEWALT 18 Volt battery can cost a reasonable amount however, some can also cost you.  Try to compare the various models of 18V batteries in the market before making your final decision. You will be surprised that a fairly priced 18v DEWALT battery can provide you exceptional power to your tool than an expensive one.

  • Size and Weight

You also need to consider the size and weight of the battery before making a purchase. An 18V DEWALT battery is fairly lightweight and cannot add any significant weight to your power tool. This will, in turn, allow you to work for longer without taking a toll on your arm. When it comes to size, the battery has to be the size that will allow you to work with your power tool even in tight places without a hassle. 


Choosing the right DEWALT 18 Volt battery is the first step towards delivering flawless results at your job site or in your workshop. Moreover, the cordless power tool you intend to use the battery on should also influence your buying decision. Most DEWALT 18Volt batteries like the ones when reviewed above will deliver you excellent power to your tool for prolonged working experience.