If you have decided to shop for a cordless circular saw, probably you have a battery-powered saw in mind. A cordless circular saw is designed to be compact and with less noise compared to those operated with a cord, hence they are the most ideal for home repairs, cutting door down or building shelves.

Many brands manufacture cordlesss circular saws. However, DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw is the brand that is known for providing top-quality cordless circular saws that give its competitors a run for their money. Essentially, the DEWALT brand has been around for some time now while offering the best quality of tools for various applications. Cordless circular saws are among the top-quality product the brand prides in manufacturing.

If you are looking for a high-quality cordless circular saw on the market today, you have just arrived in the right place. Here, we review the DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw and see what it has to offer to its users.


The DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V Max Circular Saw is designed with a brushless motor and a right side blade. If you prefer the right side blade orientation, then you must expect to get it with a brushless motor.

One thing you will like in this cordless circular saw is its ergonomic design, especially in the handle design. The handle comes with a contoured grip for complete hand wrapping and comfort when in use. Better yet is that the trigger is a push in button that is easy to use.

To boost its ergonomic design it comes with 8.1 pounds of weight with though a bit heavy to carry around and work with, it is relatively lighter compared to most cordless circular saws that are manufactured from heavier materials.

It is fitted with an electric brake system that quickly and efficiently stops the 5800 RPM blade. This is equally a safety feature that is becoming standard on most cordless circular saws and a better one when it comes to preventing injuries and damages to work surfaces. It also comes with handy bevel detents at 22.5 and 45 degrees which assist in eliminating some of the guesswork that is common in bevel cuts. Moreover, it features a metal shoe design and adjustment pieces. The metal shoe is grey which looks perfect against the yellow color even though it makes it difficult for you to see the markings when cutting.

If you are working in a poorly lit workstation, the LED light will come in handy. It will light up your cutting surface for an effective cutting experience. The DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V Max Circular Saw is fitted with a 20V/60V 6 Ah battery pack which changes voltage depending on the tool it is attached to. When attached to this cordless circular saw, it delivers a runtime of 108 hours hence allowing you to work more on a single charge.

Overall, the DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V Max Circular Saw is an impressive cordless circular saw that does not compromise on performance and power. It is designed for tough and rigorous tasks at the job sites than any circular saw can. With its incredible price range, you will have a quality build, powerful and high-performing cordless circular saw in your workshop.

DEWALT 18V Cordless Circular Saw

The DEWALT 18V Cordless Circular Saw is designed to offer reliability and ease of use in its various applications. If you are looking for a cordless circular saw that will happily serve you for many years to come, this is the tool for you. It comes with everything you want from spindle lock to a 55mm cutting depth that will eat even into the thickest of materials.

This is a top-quality cordless circular saw that is designed to tackle the toughest of jobs. It comes with an ultra-thin blade that allows easy cutting at a reduced power drain rate for optimum cutting performance. With the spindle lock, changing the blade is safe and in a matter of seconds.

This cordless circular saw is designed with comfort and safety in mind as it is built with an ergonomic handle grip that offers users better control during operation. It doesn’t matter the kind of jobs your handling, you will get comfort even during the toughest jobs.

It comes with a Lithium-ion battery meaning the battery packs will hold energy for longer even when used in tough applications. The lithium-ion battery technology is renowned for providing a more powerful experience than its competitors.

The DEWALT 18V Cordless Circular Saw is built to be lightweight making the cutting process more comfortable and under control. Besides, it won’t strain your joints even when under a prolonged application. It is fitted with a fan-cooled motor to ensure it doesn’t overheat when in prolonged use.

Overall, if you need a reasonably priced cordless circular saw, theDEWALT 18V Cordless Circular Saw is a robust and brilliant circular saw to purchase.

DEWALT DCS391 20V Max Circular Saw

The DEWALT DCS3391 20V Max Circular Saw is designed to be powerful with a 460 MWO, 5150 RPM motor and a no-load speed of 5250 RPM. The motor delivers enough power to the blade for the efficient and clean cutting process.

It is designed to be lightweight with only 2 pounds of weight without battery making it easy for users to work for prolonged periods without straining your joints. Moreover, the lightweight characteristic gives the users ease of effort to control the unit when in use.

It is fitted with a long-lasting magnesium shoe that helps with ensuring accurate and clean cutting. The 6.5-inch tipped blade is designed to cut up to twice the material at 2 ¼ inches in depth at 90 degrees or 1-5/8 inch cut at 45 degrees and 0-50 degree bevel capacity while allowing for more applications with aggressive bevel cuts.

This circular saw is designed with a molded rubber grip that ensures excellent handling of the saw, better control, and maximum balance. The handle is also ergonomic in design to offer comfort when in use. Besides, it won’t tire even when on prolonged use or in tough applications.

Overall, this is one of the powerful and high-performing cordless circular saws that DEWALT offers. With its powerful motor, lightweight and compact design, you will certainly have a better tool for your applications.

Frequent Questions about Cordless Circular Saw

Let’s have a look at frequently asked questions by users, especially when considering which of the cordless circular saws to buy so as they get a better perspective about these DEWALT exclusive cordless circular saws.

Q: How does a cordless circular saw work?

A: The cordless circular saw runs on battery power, meaning you don’t have to plug a cordless circular saw into a power outlet to operate. This tool comes with a powerful electric motor powered by a battery which in turn powers a round flat blade. The blade eats into wood, metal or plastic materials to make clean and precise cuts. However, you will have to select the right blade for a particular material to avoid damage to the blade that is otherwise meant for cutting different materials.

The cordless circular saws are fitted with handles that feature on/off switches and arbor nut to hold the blade to its position. Besides, they come with safety guards to protect the use form touching the blade when in operation.

Q: How excellent do cordless circular saws cork?

A: The cordless circular saw works excellently with small and thin materials like the plywood as well as on drywalls. Nonetheless, the coming of the lithium-ion battery into play has greatly transformed the 18 V circular saws into more powerful than the previous versions.

Q: How long will my cordless circular saw last?

A: A cordless circular saw is pretty durable and can happily serve you for many years as long as it is well-maintained and cleaned after use. However, all this will is greatly dependent on what application you intend to use it for and how regular you will use it. If you intend to use it on heavy-duty applications regularly, the lifespan will be reduced.

Q: Why should I buy a cordless instead of a corded circular saw?

A: Both of these saws are useful in many different ways. A corded saw is great in cutting very thick materials and is often more powerful than the cordless saw. So, if you intend to work on thicker materials and you won’t be having any power issues, like in a commercial environment, the corded saw would be a smart choice. However, if you intend to work on thinner materials and on small projects the cordless saw version is ideal. This doesn’t mean that one is better than the other.

The best thing about cordless circular saws is they can be used anywhere at any time and under any condition. The only thing you need is a charged battery and once the battery is fully drained you can replace it with the secondary battery as the other recharges.


DEWALT is a fantastic brand that delivers excellent cordless circular saws DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike. Any cordless circular saw from DEWALT is designed to deliver powerful cutting performance while ensuring you are safe during operations owing to the high safety features these tools come with. If you are a professional or DIY woodwork enthusiast that wants a cordless circular saw, DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw is a perfect choice.