So before you buy your ideal Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw machine. You have to understand the tips on choosing a good cordless miter saw for you. So that later you won’t regret after buying your ideal cordless miter saw machine. And here are some things you need to consider when choosing a cordless miter saw.

The Blade

The cutting edge of the blade certainly affects the work you get. A good cordless miter saw is available for 8, 10 and 12-inch blades. Why is a cutting saw important to choose a cordless miter saw? Because the blade can be used to cut wood, aluminum, and mild steel. So if the size of the blade that you have can fit into your cordless miter saw, surely you will be able to cut the three types of cutting objects that we have mentioned.

Circular saw commonly called a miter saw, for example, Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw. This tool serves to cut wood that is often used in the industrial world and factories, especially the mechanical industry.

In addition to practical installation and use, this tool can be used mobile. A good example of this kind of tool, the mobile tool, is the Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw.

It should be noted that a comparison of the diameter and type of blades with the circular saw machine capabilities you have. Because the saw model determines the size of the circular blade, especially the circular saw blade which has the smallest size. Generally, with a small size, this tool uses a saw with a diameter of 4-1 / 2 inch to 7-1 / 4 inch, usually given a carbon on the edge of the saw blade so that the blade is maintained sharpness and maintain cutting power.

Make sure the saw you use matches the material you want to cut. Because each saw is designed according to different work materials and adapted to the type of sawing machine.

As with ceramics or granite, a saw suitable for cutting the material is a 7 inch or 10-inch diamond blade. Metal cutting saws usually use carbon-cutting blades, generally, these metal cutting tools are called cutoff saws. These blades are applicable in corded miter saw or Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw.

The following types of circular saw blades and their functions:

1. Ripping

Used to chop wood and have rare teeth

2. Crosscutting

Used for crosscuts. This kind of tight tooth is usually used for the miter saw.

3. Combination

Can be used for Rip and also cross cut

4. Plywood

Used for plywood, MDF and particles

5. Hollow ground

Used to cut crosscut with precision, has a very thin blade shape.

6. Thin kerf

Used for cutting engineered wood, thin and strong blade types.

7. Abrasives

Used for cutting iron and metals.

8. Diamond

Used for cutting ceramics, granite, marble and natural stones

From the information above there are many types and functions of circular saw blades, there are even various types and types of saw for cutting wood materials. This is to provide the desired final results.

Sliding Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw

A good Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw must have the advantage of having a sliding system. Maybe this sliding system is not very influential for cutting small wood such as making in a frame, etc. But it is different if you will cut with a larger and wider object, so you can’t keep moving the cutting object when it will replace your cutting angle. If you plan to have a sliding miter saw, then the best type you can have is the cordless one. Why? Because cordless miter saw will make the sliding cut even easier for the absence of cable.

By using this sliding function, your cutting range will be wider and flexible so that your work will be faster and lighter. Another case if you buy a cordless miter saw without sliding function. The function of the cordless miter saw is of course almost the same as an ordinary circular saw. But, the main feature is, you are using a battery instead of direct power from the wall socket. One good example of this kind of product is Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw.

Bevel / Compound

For the features of this cordless miter saw it is indeed rather difficult to implement if you do not feel it yourself. So to choose a good cordless miter saw, you must feel the bevelling features found in the miter saw. If you are new to this and want to learn, look for well-known brands that are already widely recognized by users, such as Dewalt. Especially if you join a community, then you will be easier to get information related to the convenience of using this feature on your community friends.

For those of you who don’t know what level/compound is, then we will explain. So this bevel or compound is the ability possessed by cordless miter saw to do sideways sloping and also turning. This feature will allow you to cut the object without the need to move the object when you want to change the cutting angle. So this feature is a supporter of the sliding feature above. This is the main feature of Dewalt Miter Saw that makes it better than the other.

Additional Features of Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw

A good miter saw should have additional features. But usually, one cordless miter saw has only one to two features. Some additional features that are commonly owned by miter saw are:

Laser beam instructions. Its function is as a marker for the cut point of the object to be cut if the lighting in the room is lacking.

The second feature is the rear barrier that can be adjusted so that it is safe and comfortable when you use it. The advantage of this feature is that it can clamp or bind objects so they don’t move much and support the wood you want to cut.

This third feature is somewhat rare but has only recently begun to appear in the new Dewalt Miter Saw output. This feature is the Variable Speed.

So you can set your Dewalt Miter Saw cutting speed so you can get maximum results and be able to work quickly.

Vacuum Cleaner / Dust Control

A good Miter saw, such as Dewalt Miter Saw must have good dust cleaning part. For this, we need a vacuum cleaner or a dust controller. Surely you all know the dangers of small dust when cutting wood. And this matter is highly considered by international standards in producing timber machinery. And one of the innovations made is by adding a vacuum cleaner or dust controller.

Because when you are in a small or narrow workspace, of course, flying wood dust will be very dangerous for your lungs. And because the narrow space makes the possibility of dust being sucked in your nose will be even greater. For this reason, it is very important to choose a miter saw that has a vacuum or dust control.

Good Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw

How to I already understand, of course, about tips on choosing a good cordless miter saw. Hopefully, this information about tips on choosing a good cordless miter saw can be useful for you. And there is one more addition from us. But this is more towards tips on choosing a good and suitable cordless miter saw for you. The tip is to choose a miter saw with a height that matches your height. So your comfort level in using it will be even better.

Bypass feature

All sewing machines can cut. But the results of one machine cut can be different than other cutting machines. One saw can cut with sharper angles and offers more cutting flexibility. Some saws offer bevel-stops, which are designed to improve accuracy, for example when a carpenter wants to lock a 45-degree angle when making a frame connection so that each piece is guaranteed an accurate 45 degree.

Sizes used include:

• Efficiency in holding hands

• 90-degree cut

• 45-degree cut

• Bevel capacity in units of degrees

• Adjustable saw blade depth

• bevel stop

Power feature

Sawing machines with 5600 rpm rotational speed-rated powerful. This affects the feel (feel) felt by carpenters when using it. This power can also determine whether the movement block is obstructed (stick/hour) when dealing with hard material. The measure used is rpm amp volts. Sizes used include:

• rpm

• volts

• amperage.

Safety features (safety)

To keep all your fingers in your hand (not cut by a saw), of course, some tools can be used like

• Electric brakes, electronic circular saw brakes, so that the circular saw rotation is no longer at the 5000 + rpm level when you have finished cutting.

• Trigger lock, a key to prevent the saw blade from turning accidentally, even if someone presses the driving switch

• Blade Guard, which closes the saw blade when not in use.

• Indicator light to know the remaining percentage of the battery.

Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw also has another advantage, which of course, the capacity of the battery. You can use these tools for hours with the same amount of power generated. This capacity is relatively bigger than any other cordless miter saw.

The lifetime of Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw battery is also amazing. It can take up to years before you even have to replace it with a new one.